Glossary of Pregnant Terms

glossary maternity pregnant pregnant terms

I remember going to my first prenatal appointment armed with notes and questions and felt quite prepared, but halfway through the appointment my doctor threw out at term I didn’t understand. Of course I felt I should know this term, after all, I was going to be a mother and should know all the terminology. Then I started to think, “Well, how the hell can I know everything? I’m not an OBGYN!” so I was going to ask what it meant, but it then dawned on me that while I was weighing the validity of my ignorance, the conversation had long since moved on. I couldn’t exactly rewind and ask what something meant twenty minutes ago after sitting like a bobble-head doll for the entire conversation, plus, I couldn’t quite remember how to pronounce the term anymore which would make me look like an idiot even more – I learned that the hard way with agave (stupid Spanish.)

So I asked Claire to write a glossary based on a list that we compiled from you guys. She did so much research on this that when her pregnant friend was telling her about some pain she was having she was like, “Is it sciatica? Pelvic girdle pain?? LIGHTNING CROTCH?!”

It’s a great little snapshot of many of the pregnancy terms thrown around so you don’t feel like an agave idiot like me.

- Pregnant Chicken


Glossary of Pregnant Terms

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