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I first discovered MamaSans Maternity Apparel when doing a pinterest search for Punky Moms, which led me to their etsy store and later their website.  I thought their items would be perfect for our members and members-to-be so I contacted the owner Pattie and asked her a few questions about her company.

Punkymoms: When was your company founded?
Pattie: 2009
Punkymoms: Where are you based out of?
Pattie: Huntington Beach
PunkymomsHow many are involved in the company?
Pattie: 6
PunkymomsWhat inspired you to start the company?
Pattie: When I was pregnant with my son, I just couldn’t find any maternity clothing that fit my style! Over sized dresses and tops were only working for so long….
mama sans maternity - punk rock maternity clothes
PunkymomsDid you have a background in fashion prior to starting the company?
Pattie: I wasn’t trained in fashion but I do have family members that work in the industry. I learned the ins and outs of the business through them.
PunkymomsDid you run into any problems or resistance while launching your company?
Pattie: Where do I start…
PunkymomsHow do your clothes differ from the usual run of the mill maternity clothes?
Pattie: We design clothing for the alternative fashioned mom to-be. If your lifestyle is Punk, Rockabilly, Pin Up, Goth or anything in between…Thats who we design for!
PunkymomsWhat is the most exciting part of running your own business?
Pattie: I get really excited when we receive emails from moms and moms to-be that are truly excited about finding an alternative to your everyday maternity wear.
PunkymomsWhat do you see in the future of MamaSan Maternity?
Pattie: Sky’s the limit!
Thank you Pattie and I wish your family and company the best!  ~ Diana Jeanne

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